35108 - Corvette Pr. 21630 Astrakhan, 1/350

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Project 21630 Buyan Class corvettes are in service with the Russian Navy. Three Buyan Class corvettes were built by JSC Almaz Shipbuilding in St. Petersburg. The vessels serve the Caspian Flotilla of the Southern Military District. Buyan Class corvettes can conduct maritime patrol missions along the 200-mile maritime economic zone of Russia. The ship can perform missions in shallow waters and river mouths, particularly for delivering troops directly to land. The keel for the first corvette in class, Astrakhan, was laid down in February 2005 at Almaz Shipyard in St. Petersburg. The ship was commissioned into the Russian Navy in January 2006. Volgodonsk was launched in May 2011. It was demonstrated to the public during the International Maritime Defence Show (IMDS-2011) in St. Petersburg. The ship was delivered in December 2011 and commissioned into the Russian Navy in June 2012. The third and the last ship in class, Makhachkala, was laid down in March 2006 and launched in April 2012. The delivery of the ship was delayed due to the installation delays of the 100mm gun mount. Makhachkala completed state sea trials in October 2012. The ship was delivered to the Russian Navy in December 2012. It was commissioned into Caspian Flotilla in February 2013.

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