35305 - Tupolev ANT-44 (MTB-2), 1/350
In cooperation with U-Boat Laboratorium
Kit contains one aircraft that can be built full hull or waterline


The ANT-44 was designed as a long-range maritime reconnaissance/bomber flying boat. Construction of the first two prototype began in 1934. The initial design employed an all-metal construction with a shoulder-mounted semi-gull wing. The ANT-44 incorporated four 604 kW (810 hp) Gnome-Rhône Mistral Major 14Kdrs M-85 radial engines as well as under-slung stabilizing floats. After a month of factory trials, in December 1937 designers changed the Mistral Major radial engines for the higher rated and more powerful Tumansky M-87 627 kW (840 hp) engines. In 1938, they further modified the prototype to be amphibious, and the aircraft was refitted with updated 709 kW (950 hp) M-87A engines.

The second prototype, designated ANT-44bis or ANT-44D, was an amphibious aircraft powered by four M-87A engines. With I. M. Sukhomlin at the controls, the aircraft set several world records in its class.

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