35302 - Loire 130, 1/350
In cooperation with U-Boat Laboratorium
Kit contains 2 aircraft


The Loire 130 originated from a mid-1930s requirement from the French Navy for a reconnaissance seaplane or flying boat that could also serve aboard French battleships and cruisers. Chosen in 1936 against five competitors (Bréguet 610, Gourdou-Leseurre GL-820 HY, Levasseur PL.200, Potez CAMS 120), the Loire 130's performance was deemed to be good and production orders for 150 of the machines were placed. It entered production in 1937 and replaced most shipborne seaplanes and flying boats already in service.


In the late 1930s, Loire 130s were serving aboard most battleships and cruisers of the French Navy, as well as aboard seaplane tender Commandant Teste. Although appearing quite obsolete and having very marginal performance for their time, quite a few Loire 130s survived the war and remained in post-war French service, especially in French colonies until 1951.

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