70100 - Japanese Cargo-Passenger Ship Kasato Maru, 1906, 1/700


13/06/1900: Launched as POTOSI for Pacific Steam Navigation Co Ltd, Liverpool Sold before completion to the Russian Volunteer Fleet. Her original fittings were stripped out by the shipyard & refurbished to accommodate 30 x Officers and 2000 x Troops.
17/09/1900: Sailed from the Tyne bound for Odessa, where she loaded stores and troops, for the garrison at Port Arthur and she was placed under the command of the Russian Admiral for the Far East.
1905: In use as hospital ship during the Russo-Japanese War & sunk at Port Arthur.
1906: Subsequently raised and taken over by the Japanese Navy Department.
28/04/1908: Sailed from Kobe with 781 emigrants to Santos, Brazil. 1910: Chartered to Osaka Shosen for their Kobe-Keelung service, with accommodation for 36 x 1st, 40 x 2nd and 451 x 3rd Class passengers.
1916: Started a new service to the South American East coast via Cape Town.
1920: Large overhaul at Mitsubishi’s yard at Nagasaki
1939: Converted into a crab cannery operating in the Sea of Okhotsk
08/08/1945: Sunk off the coast of Kamchatka by Russian aircraft.

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