70712 - Russian Intelligence Ship Syzran', Pr. 503M, 2019, 1/700


The ship was built at the Volgograd Shipyard on the base of the Alpinist-type refrigerator seiner-trawler of project 503M. Launched on 06/20/1980, the flag of the USSR Navy was hoisted on the ship on 10/17/1980. By order of the Commander-in-Chief of the USSR Navy No. 0053, 11/06/1980 the ship was enrolled in the Soviet Baltic Fleet under the name "GS-39". From February 17 to April 23, 1981, the ship made the cruise from Sevastopol to Baltiysk, while simultaneously performing combat service tasks along the crossing route in the North Atlantic. In 1983, the ship was modernized at Shipyard No. 33 in Baltiysk. In the course of the modernization, fishing and refrigeration equipment was dismounted, water storage capacities were increased, a solid flooring of the upper deck was installed, special equipment was installed in new premises, and the possibilities for accommodating personnel were increased. 07/07/2002 the ship received the name of the ancient Russian city "Syzran’". For the successes achieved, the ship was repeatedly recognized as the best in the Fleet, and was declared "Excellent". At the end of 2018 she was awarded the status "Assault". More than 30 crew members were awarded by the Government awards. On October 17, 2020, the ship celebrated its 40th anniversary since the hoisting of the Russian Naval Flag. For 40 years in the service of the Russian Navy, the ship made 20 long-distance cruises, covering 320 thousand nautical miles and was at sea for a total of more than 3.5 years. The ship solved the tasks of the Russian Fleet command in the North-East Atlantic, in the North, Norwegian and Baltic seas. Overall, between 1971 and 1995 at three shipyards (Volgograd Shipyard, Yaroslavl Shipyard and "Leninskaya Kuznitsa" Shipyard) more than 290 Alpinist-type trawlers    were built. In addition to the ELINT trawlers, ships for various purposes were built on the base of project 503M: longline crab trawlers of project 503M/K, vessels for drilling geological wells of project 05031, tankers for transporting fish oil    of the project 05037 (503N), project 1539 research vessels with deep-sea small submarines, project 503GOI scientific vessel, project 05035 experimental vessel for the Navy, project 503M/ROS, 503N/ROS and 503M/RR patrol vessels of the   Russian Coast Guard. Two ships from the series were converted into small anti-submarine ships under the mobilization project, and one more trawler was converted into a rescue ship.

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